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Real Men Build Islands?

News came out that Real Madrid is going to build a $1 billion dollar resort island. Wow. Honestly that is pretty pimping. It's not that you want to build a resort, but actually making an artificial island just sounds like something a James Bond villain would do.

Of course the downside is that the island will be built in the United Arab Emirates. Sorry, but tons of people walking around in robes just doesn't have that 'resort' feel me. Plus that means it will not be an easy weekend get-a-way for those of us without a private jet who live in the U.S.

The specs for the island look fairly awesome but also a bit space-age. They plan on having a sweet open 10,000-seat stadium which of course will have to feature some soccer matches. While not a big fan of that style of football, I am sure I could be convinced to catch a game on the island. Plus they will have a marina, amusement park, museum, villas, and a sports facility.

As cool as all of the pictures look (design specs), we here at Manwall do wonder, how the hell do you just build an island? What kind of building permits do you need? Who owns the land? Is building it actually like work or do you get tan while drinking Mai-tai's?

Well no matter what it is still a cool idea. Here is a video of what we can expect - coming in the middle of the ocean sometime in 2015 (pending any Tsunami's).