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Question: How do you Blow $200 Million?

The Answer, at least for Allen Iverson, is quite easy.

Some days we are jealous of sports stars while others finds as laughing at them for the sheer stupidity in regards to handling simple aspects of everyday life; like managing money. Yes, there is the common storyline of those guys who have incredible athletic talent with less than stellar educations who are taken advantage by people who 'they trusted'. How many times do we have to hear that record play? It should be mandatory that when they sign a contract they get a copy of Rich Dad Poor Dad - Sports Star Edition.

Allen Iverson made over $150 million from his NBA salary along with a fat $50 million from Reebok. He blew it in a variety of ways. Of course he had the standard luxuries: fur coats, mansion, Bentley, big shiny jewelry, a posse, taking care of his mom. Then we have heard about how he would blow tons of cash gambling. On top of that he apparently was too lazy to carry luggage and would just buy new clothes on NBA road trips then leave the stuff behind. Really? Who the hell buys clothes for 41 road games a year?

So is Iverson the biggest story of sports stars who are now broke? Honestly most big ballers are dead broke 5 years after their career ends because the flash and fame goes to their heads. You don't often hear about those offensive linemen or place kickers struggling for money post career. They are smart enough to understand that a ride has a beginning and an end.

Let's look at the biggest idiots when it comes to money in the sports world and see who takes the cake.

Mike Tyson - As in all things, Tyson is the King! He made an estimated $400 million over his boxing career. But the guy had no money sense and never learned the words "pre-nup". At least he is working regularly again and able to provide for his family.

Allen Iverson - The MVP and All-Star blew $200 million, is dead broke, and is fielding offers to play indoor soccer instead of in the NBA. Ouch!

Scottie Pippin - The 6 time NBA champion made a decent $120 million over his career but blew about $30 million in bad investments as well as wasteful spending. Really why do you need a Gulfstream corporate jet?

Michael Vick - He gets an asterisk for making a comeback, but for a while he was on the hook for making $120 million and then losing it all after the dog fighting scandal and prison time. But he is still young and has plenty of time to work up the list unless he actually learned his lesson!

George Best - American's aren't the only dumb ones when it comes to money. Old George played 21 years kicking a round ball around and then turned into a world class booze hound. Jail time and a liver transplant later, the man is broke.

Derrick Coleman - He was a solid NBA player who made a modest $87 million but ended going bankrupt after lots of bad real estate deals.

Kenny Anderson - More NBA knuckleheads! Do these guys not pay attention to rookie camp seminars on money handling? Kenny lost about $60 million the old fashioned way. He had 8 cars (every day of the week plus one), child support for 8 kids, his mother's house payment, and of course a $10,000 monthly allowance of 'pocket money' for himself.

Sheryl Swoops - Girls can blow money too! $50 million for playing ball and endorsing Nike went down the drain from her bad investments. Unlike the guys, she does take responsibility for being an idiot.