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Porn Stars, Orgasms and Erotic Novels

Thanks to director Clayton Cubbit, known for his art photography and podcast porn, he has released two short films on YouTube called Hysterical Literature. At first I had no clue what this was but after watching for a minute or two I quickly realized how much of a genius this guy is.

Filming hot porn stars reading erotic novels, while getting a dildo put inside them is genius and if you don’t think it is you are obviously not a bro. I can’t tell you how I came across these two videos on YouTube but I would personally like to thank Clayton Cubbit. Some people might think that it’s way too raunchy to be showing porn stars having orgasms on YouTube, but let’s be honest, having a slogan like “Broadcast Yourself” doesn’t really mean they have to ban everything.

Unfortunately the girls are clothed in both videos but if you turn up the volume on your computer it is very clear that a vibrating dildo is present underneath their little desks. If you can’t hear the dildo (it is hard so listen carefully) their sexy moaning and orgasmic expressions on their faces give it away. Whoever is underneath their little desks has an amazing job - And people say no one is hiring these days?!?!

Who might these two hot porn stars be? Well the first girl is Stoya. Stoya is a 26-year-old porn star that has worked with Digital Playground and is known for her performance in the award winning 28 Hour Project “The Kingpin of Pain.” She is also known for dating that freak Marilyn Manson who convinced her to shave a swastika above her vagina – WTF. That’s all I know about her thanks to Wikipedia and that’s all I want to know, especially after the whole swastika thing. The second porn star is unknown to me because her first name, Alicia, is the only name that appeared in the YouTube description and that name is way to mainstream for a porn star. There is one reason why I’m considering Alicia a porn star in my eyes.  To do something like this you either have to be in the porn industry or do something very similar!

Sorry 50 Shades of Grey but it looks like someone has met your match! Watch them shake, moan and attempt to read erotic novels in these unusually sexy videos that bros have been talking about.

“Session One” Stoya (skip to 3:20)


“Session Two” Alicia (skip to 8:10)


Both of them have sexy voices and do a great job reading (considering the circumstances’) but my vote for overall performance is Alicia. Good job dildo guy! I wonder who Clayton Cubbit will choose for “Session Three” of Hysterical Literature?