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Pimping Proposals

What does it take for an incredible wedding proposal? Obviously you have to have the girl who will say yes and the ring. Beyond that you need the balls to make that big commitment. Last but not least, the location.

Just like in real estate its location...location...location.

Now some guys go for the romantic dinner route. That is okay but a bit tired. Others do a picnic or something more solitary involving a picturesque scene, nature, and just the two of you. That is nice as well but...

If you are going to do it...go big!

We want a huge statement that shows her exactly how much we think of her! Which is why guys keep trying to pull off the 'During the game' proposal.

Here is a video of a recent classic proposal done by young Jake Murphy (son of the great Dale Murphy). It occurs about halfway in.

Let's review why he was successful:

1.     She is smoking hot. This is always an excellent reason to propose!

2.     She is the center of attention. Unlike some of the 'in-stands' proposals he used his connections to pop the question after the first pitch when everyone is watching. Girls love a big scene.

3.     Apparently he knew she was the type of girl who would be cool with this proposal. Some girls either don't want to be asked or definitely do not appreciate sports enough to want that moment to happen at a game.

4.     He closed strong with Mickey and Minnie on hand. Hello memorable photo-op!

Now for the guys who do want to try this you need to remember to make sure it is special. Friends and family should be around so she can show off the rock. Also she needs to be the priority of the day. A pre-season game with no real meaning is a bit better because you aren't then upset later if your team loses. This is supposed to be a happy day!

Think you got the stones for a game proposal? We would love to hear about it.