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People Steal Tide?

This definitely amounts to a WTF moment of the day; people actually steal Tide detergent. Electronic, jewelry, and watches I get. You know these are things people sell at pawnshops and on Craigslist. But Tide? Really?

Apparently Tide has a street value of $5 to $10 per bottle. Thieves simply load up a shopping cart full of it and then dash out the door for a waiting get-a-way car. One store chain, CVS, has gone so far as to lock down Tide and other pricey detergents like they do with flu medicine and other high profile theft items.

So why Tide? Well most everyone does laundry. Tide doesn't have serial numbers so can't easily be tracked (who is going to put a tracking chip on laundry detergent?). Also Tide is very recognizable and expensive. Since it usually sells for $10 to $20 per bottle, selling it at half price on the black market still nets a profit. For example, if you can load up 20 bottles in your shopping cart then that is a sweet $200 score! They are really earning that 'liquid gold' nickname!

There is a guy in Minnesota that apparently racked up an impressive $25,000 worth of Tide in just over 15 months. Wow.

With inflation just rolling along it seems only a matter of time before other high end cleaning brands will be