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Paul Bissonnette is the Best Tweeter Ever

Ever need to live vicariously through someone else's life? Look no further than the awesomeness that is Paul Bissonnette. The nice thing is, the dude tweets regularly about what he is doing under his Twitter name @BizNasty2point0 (great handle).

So what was the Biz up to over the Memorial Day Weekend? Here are the highlights...

The guy is funny, uses proper grammar and spelling in a Tweet, and is a baller. The Biz ran into the uber hot Paulina Gretzky and tweeted a picture of himself with her at club Marquee. Now we aren't saying our favorite hockey player made it to 'hook-up hero' status with her, but the Biz doesn't have to.


Because the next day he tweeted a picture of an 'average day at the pool' with 6 very hot ladies surrounding him. Poor guy. Then he played some baccarat, which he doesn't understand, but won some money and the drinks were free.

 He topped that the next day tweeting a picture of himself with even more girls at the pool and then with the girl he might be in love with. I think we here at Manwall are in love with her as well.

Then he decided since he was red hot with the ladies he might as well take money from the casino.

"I'm no rocket scientologist. But if you buy in for 1300 at a blackjack table and walk away with 3600 is that good?" Nice use of scientologist for the win!

Paul is by far one of the best tweeters because he is a young guy living his life and sharing with the world. Plus since the Coyotes aren't playing right now he has to do something to pass the time. If you aren't already, you should sign up to follow the Biz. He will seriously crack you up and keep you laughing.