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Pat Sajak is the Man

Who doesn't love Pat Sajak? The man is a legend in TV Land having hosted Wheel of Fortune since 1981. Now he decided to let us know he used to toss back a few drinks during tapings. Awesome!

He and Vanna White would go to a Mexican restaurant and drink Margaritas on their long two hour dinner breaks then come back to tape a few more shows. "Vanna and I would go across and have two or three or six and then come and do the last shows and have trouble recognizing the alphabet," Pat said during a recent interview on the Dan Le Batard show.

As the show got a bigger following and was less difficult to stomach, Pat managed to cut back on the binging.

That really stretches the line for casual Friday when every day at work you get plowed with your hot co-hostess. That makes many of us really curious if he and Vanna tossed back anything else on those long breaks. Sadly the interview did not go that direction or Pat is too much of a gentleman to kiss and tell. Either way we compiled some hot photos of Vanna White for your viewing pleasure.

I would like to assume that Sajak had big game back then and was living wild and large in the 80's like Don Johnson.

Either way Pat Sajak is still the man for having the balls to not only get drunk on the job, but to proudly talk about it now. Plus he still gets to work with Vanna White, who at 54 is still pretty hot.