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Oye them Aussies are a bunch of Prudes!

In a total shock to everyone at Manwall, word has come out that Olympic swimmer Stephanie Rice is getting torn a new one by her Aussie homeland because she tweeted a picture of herself in a swimsuit.

Hold the phone, put down that Foster's, and grab a kangaroo...she what? A swimmer posed for a self portrait in a swimsuit? It's a national scandal! At least, if you are Australian it is.

Looking at the picture I can see why people are pissed. Stephanie has got a rocking body but she pulled an epic fail and has full on "flash face" going on. Someone skipped Cellphone 101 for taking self portraits because we like to see the whole thing baby!

You would think that the Aussies would be stoked to not only have an Olympic champion (she won twice last go round) but also one that is very hot and self promoting. But for some reason they think that this is a disgrace. Really? This from the county that most of us think is a weird combination of Crocodile Dundee, that guy from animal planet, and a frat party on the beach where people get drunk all day. One of your national sports involves using a two-by-four to smack a golf ball and the other has 20 guys dog-piling on an egg-shaped ball while getting very grabby.

I get it if she was not so pretty, but hello Australia...when you got it going on then flaunt it baby! Apparently our distant cousins down under need to relax, crank up some Men at Work, and have another pint. There are only so many sexy Australian exports such as Elle MacPherson, Kylie Minogue, Holly Valance, and Nicky Whelan. So when you have a chance to elevate someone else to that list, by George you do it man!