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Our Redonkulous Funny Video Clips of the Week


We opted to go with 'redonkulous' this week even though Ted wanted us to use either 'Gronkulous' or 'Gronktastic". But since none of the videos have the Gronk in them (sad, I know), we settled for an old favorite word that doesn't get nearly enough use anymore.

So what is on tap with our funny video clips of the week this time around? We've got some Nash, some Angle, a few zombies, and a white man trying to jump.

First up, Kurt Angle shows off his chops at events other than wrestling:

Steve Nash is really going Hollywood now that he joined the Lakers:

Zombies in could happen:

A bit of road rage in Russia:

Nope, white men still can't jump:

This funny video clip looks like people from our office after the Christmas party:

Well we hope you enjoyed all of those funny video clips as much as we did. Seriously laughter is the best medicine for whatever ails you (since you can't drink all of the time) so hopefully these bits of internet gold helped to lighten up your day.