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Oh Yeah It's Tuesday!

Did we just do that? Oh yes we did.

Monday was such an awesome day after starting it looking at hot girls that we decided to keep that energy flowing right into Tuesday with our own contribution to Titty Tuesday. We also decided to skip most of the letters of the alphabet and firmly focus our attention on the letters "C" and "D" today.

What is the number of the day? Two of course because the best things in life seem to come in pairs.

As the immortal Barney Stinson would say, "Suit up!" or in this case "Sit down" and slyly enjoy this gallery of hot girls who each have a delightful D-cup (or more) to share with you. Consider the important things in life and bask in the glory of the female figure.

Really what day is complete without enjoying the beauty that exists in the world? It just so happens that here at Manwall our favorite example of beauty is not a pretty flower or a sunset. Instead we like to see hot girls with a nice rack showing us what God (or a good plastic surgeon) gave them.

Bro Tip #220 - Never be afraid to risk looking stupid in order to do something awesome.