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Oh to be "Too Pretty"

Or at least she thinks so......

A big stink has been made and it involves British columnist Samantha Brick. Apparently she thinks that she is built like a brick-shit-house. As she put it, "Going through life as a tall, slim, blonde woman is harder than it looks."

She continued with, "There are downsides to looking this pretty; Why women hate me for being beautiful."
Okay hold the freaking phone. You are NOT that pretty. Maybe, and just maybe, you are a five. For a Brit, your teeth are straight which is a solid start. The blonde hair is nice. The pale skin isn't my thing, but  we won't take away points. After looking at multiple pictures I wouldn't say you are thin and definitely don't have a hard body. Maybe across the pond that type of stuff flies, but around here you look a bit dumpy.

Since the Samantha Brick story ran there has been nothing but sarcastic support from other people. Apparently many people agree with me that she has an overinflated ego. But, she is a woman so that should be expected. Really I don't mind a little horn tooting now and again but at some point in time these women need to be taken down a peg or three.

Guys it is up to us. We are the problem and the solution. Is it our fault she thinks she is so pretty? More than likely yes. Some wankers from the UK were trying to compliment her so they could land her in the sack. She took all that positive attention as being sincere and not just lines to get her upstairs.

Now we have created a monster named Samantha Brick.

Sadly this has led to her being slightly delusional and losing her friends. Karma is that you helping? Maybe we should try something else because I am guessing all this attention will just feed the beast.

So what is the solution? Well we can either not overly flatter women we want to take to bed OR we have to just deal with women who think they are all that and a bag of chips when really they are just the crumbs at the bottom of an empty bag. Well I for one know what I am going to do; just deal with it. Because damnit I still want to get laid!