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Ode to Stacy Keibler


Ode to Stacy Keibler

Welcome to the club of hot girls and delights

In the ring or on the sand your curves are out of sight

Those long legs that go for miles

That engaging smile that drives men wild

Honestly there is nothing about you we do not like

If only we could have you for one long night

WCW or WWE both made us say, "Marry Me!"

Your time as Miss Hancock is part of our DVD library

You Danced with the Stars and then Met Our Mother

Oh Stacy Keibler you are like no other

But through it all what has never changed

Is our lust for you which is almost insane

~Intern Steve

Apparently there is something in the air and Intern Steve got stuck in the ass with one of Cupid's arrows. Or maybe that was just Ken testing out his new bow. Regardless of his ability to write poetry, the boy has a definite nose for hot girls and Stacy easily approaches nova hot status. Even the fact that she is dating George Clooney is an attractive quality because George only dates hot girls.

Stacy looked great in Maxim, the WWE, in Stuff, in a bikini, in Esquire, and just about everywhere we have ever seen her. On Dancing with the stars she was given the epic nickname, "The Weapon of Mass Seduction" because of those incredible legs.

So in honor of hot girls, lonely guys, and Intern Steve we have compiled some of our favorite Stacy Keibler images to help brighten your day. Enjoy!