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No More Twinkies?!


Where is a government bailout when you really need one? Hostess Brands is going to file bankruptcy protection again, just two years after being in trouble. But this just doesn't mean 'no more Twinkies'. We could also loose Wonder Bread, Nature's Pride, Dolly, and Beefsteak! Plus about 19,000 workers could be impacted. A time like this is when we need the government to step in.

When you are stocking your emergency shelter or panic room what do you always have next to the cans of beans? Twinkies and Ding Dongs! Late night runs to the 7-11 means grabbing Dolly Madison donut gems and zingers. What did Tallahassee in Zombieland crave more than anything? Yup, Twinkies again.

Twinkies are part of the American national pastime! They were invented in 1930 and for awhile were selling more than a billion of those delicious cream-filled sponge cakes each year. Eat that McDonalds! Along with being a famous legal defense (Twinkie defense for a 1972 murder charge) they have also been proven to be 68% air and can survive a 6 story drop intact! Heck those crazy kids in England even deep fried the damn things!

Other fun facts:

·       500 millions Twinkies are still produced every year

·       They are made up of 39 ingredients

·       Nobody outside of Hostess knows how they are actually made

·       There is a Twinkies cookbook

·       The largest Twinkies birthday cake was 25 feet tall and contained 20,000 Twinkies.

So now is the time for action! Forget Occupy Wall Street. Write your Congressman or Senator. Demand that the government step up and help out Hostess. This is part of the American way of life! Plus, Twinkies are one of the best options in our vending machines outside the Manwall offices. It is time America, to step up and save our Twinkies!