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No Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weenie Bikini?

London, we have a problem! Apparently because the summertime weather in England is so crappy, there is now an option to wear more than a skimpy suit to play beach volleyball. What the hell??!!

There is only one reason I watch beach volleyball; athletic girls grunting and sweating in a tiny bathing suit. Just so we are clear, any of you bastards who give any other reason are just lying. Blah blah blah...spirit of competition...sanctity of the sport...we all know why you really watch it so let's just call a spade a spade.

To be clear, teams with religious or other weird social modesty issues get a pass on my complaints. Wear those long shirts and full body suits if you have to. Of course plenty of people are pointing out that the other outfit options are very revealing as well. Yes, I know the suits will all be pretty damn tight but who wants to look at spandex over tanned, toned skin? (note to the girls from the UK and other sun starved nations - tanning beds work wonders)

 Luckily ladies like Kerri Walsh from Team USA feel empowered by the bikini look and they will be proudly wearing less! She also says that she isn't a sex symbol which is true; but she is damn sexy. Don't believe me? You decide! Check out all of the lovely ladies of beach volleyball in this edition of Manwall's Salute to Beach Volleyball - Olympic Style! Which outfit would you rather see in the sand?