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NFL Playoff Primer and Predictions!

Week 17 came to a close and it was all over except the crying (yes I mean you Santonio Holmes). Typically the last week of the season has a few teams still trying to slip into the post-season, and this year was no different. But instead of anyone making a big wild-card statement, we had just about everyone trying to get in lose which allowed the Broncos to win their Division on a 3-game slide, the Bengals made it as a Wildcard after dropping their last game of the season, and the Giants bitch-slapped the Cowboys to ice their Division.


So what do we have now? It looks like a few 1st Round spankings before we get to the real games. The Patriots and Ravens get to relax with a week off to tinker with their defense and offense respectively in the AFC. Oddly the NFC is almost a mirror with the Packers needing some defensive focus as well and the 49ers are in bad need for an offensive game inside the 20. Here are the Manwall Playoff Predictions for this week.


Playoff Schedule


No.6 Cincinnati (9-7) at No. 3 Houston (10-6) at 1:30pm (NBC) - This is actually a dream matchup for the Bengals. Rookie QB Andy Dalton is a stud (seriously how many teams are kicking themselves for skipping the ginger in the draft), they have a great defense, and play hard. The Texans are beat up and stumbling without much help from their QB. Bengals 20 - Texans 13

No. 6 Detroit (10-6) at No. 3 New Orleans (13-3) at 5pm (NBC) - This is the must see game of the day. In the season finale the Lions and Packers combine for 1000 yards in the air and 11 TDs. Holy crap that is like Arena Ball! The game is indoors and while Detroit has a good defensive line, Drew Brees is going to light them up. Stafford better bring his A-game. Saints 35 - Lions 28


No. 5 Atlanta (10-6) at No. 4 New York (9-7) at 10am (Fox) - Atlanta was praying that Detroit lost in week 17 to avoid the Saints and get the NFC East winner. They got their wish. Atlanta is a very good team with a lot of weapons and a decent defense. The Giants are a streaky bunch. If Eli is hot then they can win at home, but I just don't see it. Atlanta 24 - Giants 20

No. 5 Pittsburg (12-4) at No. 4 Denver (8-8) at 1:30pm (CBS) - A dream matchup for Pittsburg and a nightmare for Denver. Pittsburg has experience and a mean pass rush. Yes Big Ben is hobbled but that doesn't matter in the playoffs, especially when Tebow looks as bad as he has in the past few weeks. Unless Jesus decides to lend a hand Denver is getting their asses handed to them on Sunday. Steelers 20 - Broncos 6