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News Flash - Being Funny Can Get You Laid!

Recent tabloid photos have shown SNL funnyman (and a Manwall favorite) Jason Sudeikis wandering around with uber hot chick Olivia Wilde. You have seen her in everything from the TV show House to the movie Cowboys & Aliens, and if you are like us you constantly want to see her more (while wearing less). Well that lucky bastard Sudeikis apparently is!

Now to be fair, Jason is a decent looking guy. But honestly he is 36 and kind of average while she is 27 and smokin hot. This is clearly the case of funny and charm beating out underwear model good looks. But is this becoming normal?

Over the weekend we were saddened (just kidding, we celebrated) over the Russell Brand and Katy Perry split. This was another example of the comedian getting the girl. Want more? Jim Carrey, who has made some decent dramatic movies but is mostly known for his comedic performances, has banged a lot of hot chicks. He started with Lauren Holly after Dumber and Dumber before upgrading to Jenny McCarthy.

Still not convinced? Have you not seen Jerry Seinfeld's wife? She divorced her husband to marry him despite the 15 year age difference. Let's be honest, as funny as Jerry is, he is no lady killer. The list goes on and on.

So gentlemen, there is now a new school of thought about pursuing the ladies. It is time to look past those six-pack abs and 21-gunn salutes. Now it is time to study the masters such as Monty Python and Mel Brooks. We must work on our jokes and one-liners instead of our pick-up lines. These ladies want to laugh and by George we can make them all the way to the bedroom!