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NBA Playoffs - The Conference Finals Primer


Okay so this piece is coming out and the Conference Finals have already gotten a game in. But that does not change this guy's opinion on who will win each series and face each other in the NBA Finals. Get your money out and call your bookie because we are laying down nothing but winners here on Manwall!


Western Conference Finals

No disrespect to Miami or Boston, but this series is the NBA Finals. You have the two best teams in the league going head to head in a serious 7 game series with the expectation that the winner will take the Finals down.

OKC - They have youth with 3 of the best players in Westbrook, Durant, and Hardin. There is some experience with them getting to the conference finals before. Of course they are hungry after losing last year to Dallas. Athletic, fast, and the Thunder can score in bunches which makes them a tough matchup for anyone.

Spurs - Flying under the radar most of the year, this Spurs team is the best in a long time (and that says a lot). They have experience mixed with athletic youth, one of the top 3 coaches in the league, a deep bench, and a 'been-there-done-that' attitude. Plus they know the window is closing fast on their Big 3.

Who Wins? - San Antonio takes it in 7. The teams are really close with both having efficient offenses. Defensively neither is a top squad but can both lock it down. The Spurs get the edge based on a deeper bench, better coach, and just a little more experience in the playoffs because Manu, Timmy, and Tony won't get rattled under pressure. Plus they have home court advantage.


Eastern Conference Finals

Miami - A lot of people grudgingly penciled them in as having a free pass to the Finals, but a few hiccups on the way have made the road bumpier than before. The injury to Bosh is huge as this is not a deep team up front. James and Wade have proven they can suit up and take a team down by themselves but they haven't been tested by a squad like Boston in the playoffs yet.

Boston - Experience, grit, defense, and serious attitude describes these Celtics. They know this is the last year they will be together and are willing to lay it all out on the line to win. The bench is a little suspect at times and the health of Paul Pierce will play a factor. But the Heat can't stop Rondo or really contain Garnett if he is on his game.

Who Wins? - Miami in 7. The Celtics are too stubborn to go away early but King James is too determined to go away without a win. After fading the past few years in the Finals and the playoffs, James will not disappear in the 4th quarter again and let his team lose. Of course they will just lose in the Finals but that is because money can't always buy a great team.


Both of these series should be very entertaining. There are a bunch of big name players and the potential for nail-biting finishes. As a gambler it is a thin line for a payday. But as a fan this is exactly what you want to see from the NBA.