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NBA Playoff Predictions - The West


The pretenders have gone away leaving all the legitimate Western Conference teams ready to do battle on the hardwood! As cool as the East is, the West is where we expect more fireworks and high scoring games with some overtime thrillers.

Grab your popcorn people and get ready for the wild ride!

It's time to breakdown the playoff brackets and this time it is the Western Conference.

1st Round

1. Spurs versus 8. Jazz - This is actually a semi-interesting match-up. The Spurs look like champs again with a great overall game; the Jazz try really hard. Possible upset? Out of all the brackets this one smells the most like a possible gamble with your bookie for a good return of your investment. The scrappy Jazz team will give it their all and only have to steal 1 game to build confidence. Or the Spurs sweep them - no middle ground!

4. Grizzles versus 5. Clippers - The Griz are lucky to have gotten home court because the Clippers suck on the road (well they are okay at best). The Clippers are a team that can match-up well with Memphis but only if RP3 is playing at full capacity. If he doesn't recover from his injury then the Clippers got out in 5. Otherwise this is Grizzlies in 7 because of experience and home court advantage.

3. Lakers versus 6. Denver - The Lakers skate into the second round after demolishing the Nuggets in 5 games. No World Peace? No problem as Kobe has this thing about raping opponents in the playoffs and in Denver (ooopsie! allegedly).

2. OKC versus 7. Dallas - Yeah Dallas won last year but there is no way they handle OKC. The Thunder are battle tested and have two of the top 10 players in the league. Dallas wins 1 game as Harden is dizzy and Dirk goes for 45 but OKC put them down in the end.

2nd Round

1. Spurs versus 4. Grizzles - The nightmare matchup from last year comes back. But this time the Spurs are shooting well from the outside. However the Grizzles put them to the test before losing in 7 games including 2 overtime thrillers.

2. OKC versus 3. Lakers - The matchup is Kobe versus Durant. The Lakers will fight hard and have talent but just not enough to stop hungry OKC who wins in 6 with a blowout game 6 victory after Bynum fouls out in the 3rd and Ron Artest elbows Steve Blake on accident before getting ejected. Kobe sits for most of the 4th glaring at Mike Brown.

3rd Round

1. Spurs versus 2. OKC - Everyone picked the Thunder to win the west all year long but honestly the Spurs look like a better playoff team. They have veterans and young players, a ton of experience, pass, rebound, play defense, and shoot the lights out. OKC has Durant, Westbrook, and Harden. I have the Spurs in 7 going to face the Heat in the Finals.