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NBA Finals Predictions

The preliminaries are done and now it is time for the Main Event. Let's get ready to Rummmmbbbllllleeeeeee! Now for those regular readers, I will fully admit that I got my playoff predictions wrong. I had the Spurs beating OKC in 7 games and going up against the Heat in the finals. Everything looked good in the beginning until the Thunder decided to lock down on defense and use that youth, length, and speed to knock out San Antonio is 6.

But hey, I was close.
So now it is time for my NBA Finals predictions!

Miami Heat - Ideally things look good for them. Bosh is back, Chalmers has been contributing, and James seems to have taken a better role in the leadership of the team which is critical since he is there best player. But, I still have my doubts. Eric Spoelstra has yet to impress me with his coaching ability. Yes there have been some good plays, but he does not have control of his team and Wade will still go maverick any dang time her wants. Also the bench is a bit weak.

The biggest question is how well Shane Battier can play Kevin Durant. Also how well can any of the other big men aside from Chris Bosh play in the series? Kevin Garnett is a power forward playing center so having Bosh or Haslem play him wasn't a big deal. But against the 76ers they did struggle at times against Roy Hibbert. Kendrick Perkins and Serge Ibaka have a lot more playoff experience and savvy than Hibbert and should cause some problems down low. Also Spoelstra was out-coached in last year's finals; has he learned since then?

Oklahoma City Thunder - This really seems like the Thunder's year. They were a lock for the Finals from the get-go after returning a slightly improved squad this year that lost to Dallas in the conference finals last year. With Durant, Westbrook, and Harden they easily have the talent and athleticism to compete with any other "Big 3" in the league. Plus they have a good bench with solid role players in the likes of Fischer and Collison joining Harden. Both Fischer and Perkins having a lot of Finals experience along with the rest of the teams' battles in the playoffs, they have a slight edge for dealing with pressure.

The biggest thing for them is can Westbrook keep playing at this stellar level? He has done great and cutting down on dumb mistakes as well as becoming a defensive monster. He should own Chalmers and possibly Wade on the defensive end of the floor. Scott Brooks has always been a good motivator with smart defensive adjustments. Durant trusts him and the rest of the players follow his lead. By far the Thunder have a much more cohesive 'team' that seems focused to win it all after being battle tested the last few years and already beating such a great team in the Spurs.

NBA Finals Prediction

The Thunder in 6! While James can easily win a game or two, Wade has been playing fairly bad in the last series. Is he hurt? Who knows? Also the big men of the Thunder should out-rebound Miami and the length of the Thunder should clog the passing lanes a big. The Celtics and 76ers have shown that Miami is vulnerable and Scott Brooks is smart enough to draw up multiple game plans to take advantage of that. Plus the Thunder is probably the only team in the league more athletic that Miami. On top of that, Miami has added pressure to win because they promised everyone they would.