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NBA All-Star Game: Fact or Fiction?

It happens in sports every year; the All-Star games. Generally speaking it is a fan fest event where people get a chance to see lots of stars at once. Different sports do things in different ways. I think baseball still has the best all-star weekend because the game actually has meaning to the World Series and everyone loves the home run contest (free souvenirs!). The NFL has the worst sham because flying to Hawaii to watch a meaningless game after the season is just stupid.

Now the NBA does put the All-Star weekend in the middle of the season. The fans get to pick players and coaches do as well so for the most part you have two of the best teams possible. With skill competitions, celebrity games, and the dunk contest the fans get a big weekend with autograph possibilities. But the actual All-Star game is kind of like watching a Globe Trotters game; for the serious fan there is no point.

Let's be honest, it usually the game looks like two kids playing NBA Live with the defense level turned down to a 2. After the game even some of the headlines are ridiculous. "It was almost the most incredible comeback!" Well since nobody plays defense that just means you missed some open shots. Or wait, was this game different?

What the hell? Did Dwade just pop Kobe in the mouth? Is that blood? Oh shit...Kobe just gave Wade the rape-face. You know, that confident smirk he started using after he wasn't convicted with his little chuckle that just screams, "Rich ballers don't go to jail." Damn, now this game is on!

For the first time in a long time we actually had a basketball game! Afterwards Wade said the refs didn't call two fouls on Kobe so he was returning the favor. Well duh, they don't call fouls in the All-star game; that would like calling traveling or something silly. But in the third quarter it sure looked like Wade and James decided they wanted to kick it up a notch and send a message to the rest of the NBA.

I was actually excited. This is what most real fans want to see! Sure the defense is still rather weak because people aren't used to playing together and such. But guys were getting out tight one-on-one with hands looks for steals and trying for blocks. There was some actual competition!

In the end it was a familiar sight with LeBron James making a mistake as time wound down with his 'indeicision' over passing or shooting. I guess even in a fun game he can't handle the pressure of a big decision gracefully. But it was still satisfying to see some more aggressive ball being played. Now if we could only figure a way to make this game count more so people would play hard every year? $100k for the winning teams' players? Maybe then we could see some more effort!