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More Awesome Funny Video Clips

It has been a good week for finding funny video clips on the internet. When stuff is making me laugh out loud then it gets saved to this list. Because we believe that sharing is caring and here at Manwall we care about our Bro's this list gets shared with you. Really, like Brodonna once said, "Bro's Just Wanna Have Fun."

On to the videos!!
Ask a Man with Jon Hamm:


Kris Humphries is a Douchebag - Funny or Die does it again with this funny video clip (warning bad language):



Two Dogs in a hilarious funny video clip (warning bad language and a lot of it):

An Epic Fail set to music:

Conan Gets a Hot Model to Get Crazy:


And we close with the always classic funny video clip of This Week in Unnecessary Censorship: