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Monday's Hot Photos

Got a case of the Monday's? I mean who really wants to end a wonderful weekend and have to go in to work the next day? The staff here at Manwall is never overly excited for that task, and we love our jobs.

So after polishing off a triple-cappuccino latte we decided that everyone here and out there needed a little Monday boost as well. What is the best way to do that? A gallery of hot photos featuring hot babes of course!

Hot babes make everything better! Why not start your morning browsing through some hot photos to shake the rust of the weekend? Grab yourself a cup of coffee, turn on some tunes (but not too loud), and get out some work so you look busy. Then just relax and enjoy the gallery.

As an added bonus if the day gets a little slow just pop back on to the gallery and revisit the hot photos of these hot babes. Then next thing you know it will be quitting time and off to the bar! Soon enough Monday will be gone and Friday is just that much closer.                 

Also....always remember Bro Tip #1 - There is a 99% chance that you're awesome. Act like it.