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MMA Live Just for You

This weekend marks a new style of MMA on TV - the live events. The UFC has fully switched over to Fox and will debut its new The Ultimate Fighter Live on FX with a 2 hour plus premiere on Friday. Bellator, one of the only other leagues left, has its own show comprised on eight man elimination tournaments that can be seen on MTV2 and EPIX.

 So what is different this year? The live action of course! No more wasted time with shooting a whole season and then playing it out over 3 months later. Now they will feature live bouts each week and the show will run as long as it takes.

For any MMA fan this is like a dream come true. Live fights always seem to have a bit more excitement to them because results haven't been leaked to the internet. Plus you are getting these fights for free. The UFC seems to have the edge here because of the general show format of TUF being so popular. But the Bellator show should be solid as well.

Bellator has had a regular 8-man tournament schedule that has proved very popular in the past. With ever changing venues and plenty of fights with experienced MMA people, it is very much a different style than TUF. This year Bellator has upped the ante a bit by flying in competitor's for sit down time in front of the camera to provide more background and depth on each contestant. This added level of production does show how they are a league looking to compete with the UFC and not just roll over quietly.

On top of that Bellator will be featuring more live fights each week compared to the TUF format. Hardcore fans will enjoy the bounty of action.

The bottom line is that for the MMA fan the pot just got a little bigger and a lot sweeter each weekend for catching some great action for free!