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Miranda Kerr Has Leaked Nude Photos!

Over the past few weeks’ bros have seen and heard about so many hot girls featured on the World Wide Web. We’ve seen so many amazing Kate Upton pictures, wondered if Minka Kelly actually has a sex tape and have read more articles on the hottest Olympians than guys actually saw on TV. Fortunately for us the Internet has produced yet another amazing spectacle that we can thank God for before we go to bed tonight. Miranda Kerr has come out with leaked nude pictures!

I’ve always thought Miranda Kerr was one of the sexier Victoria’s Secret models but now this puts her on another level. That should be a typo because all Victoria’s Secret models are sexy to say the least, but for me, Kerr has always been one of my favorites. She’s a mix of “the girl next door” and “the freak in the sheets.” Which is the perfect combination. It wasn’t until I saw her leaked nude photos that I considered her the freaky type but I’m very happy I found them on the Internet. The only reason why I was Google searching her in the first place is because my dad knows how much I love looking at Miss Kerr. My dad’s a bro and told me ASAP about her new ridiculously sexy photo shoots for Harper’s Bazaar (see pictures above).

There’s no doubt that this was Miranda Kerr’s sexiest photo shoots - especially when the only thing she is wearing is a pair of black knee-high boots! The hand bra is a great tease but I wasn’t disappointed especially when I found her leaked nude photos minutes after. It was like finding a winning lotto ticket on the sidewalk and it’s because of pictures like this that make me want to slap and high five Orlando Bloom at the same time for marrying her.

So if you haven’t stopped reading this to Google Miranda Kerr's leaked nude photos; First, I don’t blame you and second, hopefully some of her Victoria’s Secret friends will get jealous and come out with some nude photos of their own. By the way I couldn’t post the pictures of her naked out of respect for Miranda but I would like to say thank you to the World Wide Web once again!