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Miley Cyrus - Hot or Not?

For all the outrage over Miley Cyrus and her VMA performance, the only real important question that needs to be answered, at least here at Manwall, is not about her career, image or choice of grinding on a flabby looking Robin Thicke wearing a Beetlejuice suit, but instead we ask is Miley Cyrus hot or not?

Since everyone else chimed in with their two-cents, we will as well; that was a pretty awful performance. Dancing bears, a foam finger, bad singing and so much more made it quite the clustermuck. With that being said, it certainly was par for the course for MTV's video music awards which always feature weird performances and events such as when Motley Crue beat up Guns n Roses or when the bass player from Nirvana knocked himself out throwing his instrument in the air.

Really, what do you expect when you shove a bunch of people together who all want attention and have them compete for attention?

But back to the question at hand! Is Miley Cyrus hot or not? Did her recent performance put her in the spank bank category of a Brittney Spears, Janet Jackson, or Madonna (in her prime) who all elevated their sexiness with classic VMA performances?

So is she hot?

After going over the facts and figures of the case, we the jury at Manwall have concluded that no, Miley Cyrus is not hot. Let us present our evidence...

·       Bad haircut - The short hair, shaved look can be sexy, but when you tie it into little pigtail nubs it shows that you simply do not understand how to utilize the look properly.

·       Disappointing body - One thing we learned from the VMA's is exactly what Miley looks like naked. Yes she had on her skin tone two-piece, but basically nothing is left to the imagination. What we end up with is a twenty-year old with no curves. The girl is short, has an A-cup chest, not much of an ass, no hips and toothpick legs. While that might sound like a supermodel, supermodels tend to have much prettier faces.

·       The tongue - While some guys might think her constant tongue action would help her cause, it in fact hurt it. Yes, she has a decent sized tongue which she kept shoving out the side of her mouth, but after reviewing the footage multiple times it is very apparent she has no idea what to do with it. Plus she bit the tip of the foam finger!

·       Dance moves - She might "twerk" a bit, but the girl seems to have limited ability to shake her hips in a sexy way or one that would translate to the bedroom. Other luminaries of the VMA circuit dazzled us with provocative hip moves that were exciting as we imagined them riding us like a hobby horse into the sunset. Plenty of girls can bend over...

·       High maintenance - In case you couldn't guess, this girl looks to require way to much work to keep happy which is never sexy.

So, based on all of that evidence Miley Cyrus has been ruled definitely not hot. Would we bang her? Of course we would, however she joins the ranks of girls like Paris Hilton, Khloe Kardashian and others who are well known enough that we would probably take them to bed, but would never make our list of girls we would love to have a night with because of how hot and sexy they are.

Let's be honest...if you had your choice of Miley Cyrus, Kate Upton, Katie Perry, or Mila Kunis are you ever picking Miley first? Yeah, us either.