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Mila Kunis is one of the Hot Girls of May

Recently Maxim rolled out their Hot 100 Women of the year. While Mila Kunis came in at a very respectable 3rd on the list, she is still number one in Manwall's eyes. This Ukrainian beauty has been a favorite of most of the office (especially Dave with his giant That 70's Show poster) for quite some time.

In our efforts to bring you the best of the best hot girls we search high and low for sexy talent and great pictures for your browsing pleasure. For the Hot Girls of May we feel Mila is a great candidate because she is smart, funny, and smoking hot.

Mila has been high on our radar even when she was the annoying chick from the 70's sitcom thing. Since then she has done some funny and very sexy roles that has endeared her to our um...hearts? Yeah, that's it.

She just finished a few movies such as Ted (a story about a man and his Teddy Bear with Mark Walberg), Tar (bleh artsy fartsy movie), and Oz:The Great and Powerful (sweet looking Oz prequel by Sam Raimi that stars James Franco and a few hotties) so more than likely we shall see her on the big screen and talk show circuit soon enough. But in the meantime she is awarded the ultimate honor of being named to our Circle of Stars known as the Hot Girls of May.

Enjoy the gallery gentlemen!