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Mike Tyson is the Best

I love Mike Tyson and even in another of his funny video clips my admiration has not changed. The somewhat lovely Jill Martin from the MSG Network was doing the nightly celebrity shtick with whomever they can find during a game and Iron Mike was the lucky guy this time around. Now as much as I love Tyson, producers should understand by now that he is a dicey interview. Yes you have the chance for funny video clips, but you never know what he might say.

Here is the whole clip:

We are going to give props to Tyson for answering all the questions as best as he could. He was polite, only said 'shit' once, and kept smiling. Even in the end he offered to shake Jill's hand. A few people made a big huff about his one regret being biting off Holyfield's ear and not the rape case. Of course he would say that. Tyson's case was that she consented and then got her feelings hurt so she accused him of rape. As sometimes cases like that are hard to judge I can see why he went with the ear thing. He really knew he was in the wrong there.

But I hope next time Jill gets to do an interview she can have some better questions than what she asked. Some of that stuff was just boom boom boom boring. Where is the follow-up on the pigeons? He has like 3000 pigeons? Where does he keep them? Do they all have names? What the hell do you need 3000 pigeons for? Does he have plans for a new carrier service? Maybe he will rent them out for weddings as a cheaper alternative to doves.

In any event, this one does get moved to the Manwall Funny Video Clips archives as a more sentimental choice rather than one that makes us snort coke out of our nose. Tyson has had a hard life and seems to be more of a gentle soul these days. But like our crazy Uncle Charlie, we still love him.