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Michigan's Sugar Bowl Victory Due to Alternative Coaching?

For those of you who missed a spectacular Sugar Bowl between Michigan and Virginia Tech, the outcome was decided in overtime. Sophomore kicker, Brendan Gibbons iced the game for the Michigan Wolverines from 37 yards out. What did Big 10 Coach of the Year, Brady Hoke, tell his young kicker before sending him out there?

"Everytime we were struggling at kicking, Coach always tells me to think about girls on a beach or brunette girls," said Gibbons. A true student of the game, Michigan's Brady Hoke is obviously channeling his inner Coach Klein from the classic football period piece, the Waterboy.

But it is interesting that he wants his kickers to focus on brunettes rather than blondes. Is this because Gibbons prefers brunettes? Or maybe the coach is concerned that if blondes truly do have more fun, then his kicker might be distracted. Also it makes you wonder if Stanford will consider this coaching method in light of their freshman kicker binking two kicks wide that could have won them their bowl game.

Michigan's Sugar Bowl win no doubt will cause a slight stir amongst other coaches. Often success is mimicked, especially in sports. Based on hours of film study of the Waterboy as well as Hoke's numerous press conferences, we have compiled a list of motivational ideas to use.

Visualize and Attack:

For Linebackers - "That quarterback just told me the funniest joke about your mom!"

For Defensive Linemen - "Damn, we just got a report from campus police that someone broke into your room and stole your Xbox (or PS3 - player specific) during warm-ups. I think they described the guy as wearing (use opposing team's color) and looked kind of like (opposing team's running back)..."

For Wide Receivers - "Remember gentlemen, only the guys who hold on to the ball get laid at the after party!"

For Running Backs (what the QB should say prior to hand-off) - "Damn, is that your crazy ex-girlfriend back there? She looks pissed!"

For Offensive Linemen - "I heard the other team saying something about you guys folding like origami with a little pressure. Does anyone know what that means?"

For Punters - "Chicks dig the long ball baby!"

Congratulations to Brady Hoke and the Michigan Wolverines for their Sugar Bowl victory. By not being afraid to use some more 'unconvential' coaching methods he was able to inspire his players to perform well under pressure and win the big game. Well played sir, we salute you!