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Men Get the Shaft in Two Olympic Events

One thing about watching the Olympics, you learn a lot about stuff you really don't give a crap about. Today's topic is gender equality!

You might think that we will talk about how women are finally getting into all 26 sports for the first time ever. Nah, that isn't really a big deal. Women still compete in a lot less events than men do. But the big news, dare I say outrageously shocking news, is that men are banned from competing in two events.

What the f*&K??!!

In this day and age men are being discriminated against? Yeah that's right. If you have a penis then you aren't allowed to do synchronized swimming OR rhythm gymnastics. Are you thinking boycott? Because I sure as hell am.

It's not like we don't have male athletes ready to jump right up and compete in these events. Men have been swimming for years as evident by the video below:

Is it our fault that the US would obviously dominate these two events? Just because we are advanced enough as a culture to have the San Francisco Tsunami (a gay, lesbian, and straight synchronized swim team) already to compete that doesn't mean the other countries in the world should be running scared.

Even Britain has a swim team dubbed the Out to Swim Angeles that was ready to splash to victory after grabbing the gold in the Eurogames. Founding member and interior designer Richard Snow quickly pointed out that gender issues are not only a problem for women. When will the Olympics get synchronized with what is right!

Sure women still have tons of ground to cover in the equality battle, but things have been like that for years. Heck Saudi women just got the right to participate so throwing them that bone should hold them over for the next four years. Usually men have no problem changing rules to their own benefit so it is a bit unnerving that the IOC is trying to pull this bullshit.

So men, show your support this year. Boycott both events that the ladies are allowed to compete in but our men aren't. Let your voice be heard bellowing in support of badminton next door instead and bellow so loud that those people in the IOC will know that we demand our male synchronized swimming and rhythm gymnastics!