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Melissa Satta breaks her Man


A recent injury to AC Milan midfielder, Kevin-Prince Boateng, has sparked a bit of controversy in the sports world. His hot girlfriend, Italian model Melissa Satta, claims his thigh injury is a direct result of them having sex 7-10 times a week. Like a moth to the flame, countless internet users started scouring the internet for sexy photographs of this relatively unheard of woman.

We at Manwall did a little leg work (and breast work as well) to put together a small collection of sexy photographs so you can judge for yourself her relative hotness factor. She has also been seen in Maxim and SI, but we didn't want to get sued for usage rights so we had to skip those sexy photographs (Editors note: Boo!).

Now to start with, the only reason we even care about this story is because of the words model and sex. Otherwise we really don't give a crap; it is soccer after all. Sure it is the most popular sport in the world, but that is just because they can't the NFL Network in Africa and South America. Watching a group of guys run around for three hours while they kick a ball back and forth is about as exciting as watching pool or bowling on TV. At least with hockey they give them sticks and allow you to punch another guy in the face.

So apparently some of the "sports world" is up in arms over the fact that Melissa Satta proudly said she helped cause his thigh injury. Well I can't fault Boateng for that one. Looking at her sexy photographs I would rather have sex with her a few times a day instead of playing catch with my feet for hours. Rabid fans think he should back off on the sex and focus on the game. Really? If that was them they wouldn't be banging her every chance they had? Do we really think David Beckham isn't polishing Posh Spice nightly? He still seems to manage a decent career.

Having sex with your model girlfriend is more of a requirement these days anyway for the high profile athlete. If anyone is to blame it is the trainers. They should understand the expectations placed on midfielders and adjusted his training program to compensate. Additionally extra time with the trainer after a game for post-game rubdowns or pre-date stretching should be included. These European teams need to get with the program. Everyone knows the Lakers make sure trainer Gary Vitti preps Kobe before he goes home with his mistress.

But in the end, all of that is neither here nor there. What is here are very nice sexy photographs of model Melissa Satta who apparently likes to have sex 7 to 10 times a week. Enjoy!