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Mayweather and Pacquiao to finally fight?

Let's get ready to rumble! Or not. Mayweather challenged and taunted Pacquiao for the super fight to finally happen on May 5. Honestly every boxing fan wants to see them fight. The longer we have to wait the more chance they both get old and the fight is disappointing. But really Floyd? You send out that challenge now after a judge postpones your jail sentence until June. Do you really want to fight or is it just that sweet payday you need before getting your ass thrown in jail?

I guess prison time is easier sitting on a big fat stack of money. Think of all the cigarettes than can buy to trade with other inmates!

Of course Pacquiao's camp has said no to the fight. Why? Because the fight will be so awesomely big that they need to get a 45,000 seat venue built which can't be done by May. Well that seems pretty obvious. The MGM Grand can only generate $20 million in ticket sales but a larger arena could push the gate to $30 million. A big draw like Pacquiao gets a fat piece of that gate money and of course everyone in Manny's camp then gets a smaller piece of that.

So it all boils down to the money for a Mayweather Pacquiao super fight. Floyd wants to earn any money (in case he gets shanked in the shower) and Manny's people want to earn more money (since he will probably retire soon and you need to fleece the hell out of that golden sheep). This is a big reason why boxing has lost a lot of popularity. People want to see fighters fight. After a certain point, making $10 million or more for a few hours work needs to be enough.

For now we can just hope that they can agree to get along because if the fight doesn't happen in May, then it is doubtful that the fight will ever happen. Maybe we can send Floyd some DVD's of Undisputed to fire him up for a post-sentence brawl.