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Mark Wahlberg - Role Model



It was a little bit difficult to type the title to this article. After all, I fondly remember listening to Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch back in the day while he rapped about needing money, flexed with his boys, and basically was the typical jackass kid we all were. But now years later, as I learn more about this guy, it seems that somewhere along his ride of life he actually figured it all out.

A recent story came out about tattoos. Apparently Mark has made a few regrettable ink statements in life and decided it was time to have them removed. In true man-style the main reason was "because putting make-up on and covering them up has always been a pain in the butt." That right there is a great point for kids; dumb tattoos need to be covered up.

But then he goes a step further by using the situation as a parenting vehicle so his kids can see the regrettable mistake as well as how much it hurts Daddy to fix that mistake. Consequences are a bitch kids and even grown-ups have them. On top of all that Mark Wahlberg is smart enough to know that he doesn't want his kids to be in the entertain industry and end up like Lindsey Lohan or other train wreck celebrities. The man has not fallen for the Hollywood trap that his character in Boogie Nights did. No, he has diversified himself with other business options like producing (Entourage and Boardwalk Empire) and owning a restaurant.

Seriously talk about doing all the right things!

He even goes on to say he will support them if acting is a passion but he will do everything he can to point them in another direction. So not only has he made himself very successful in the movie business, has made a ton of money in the process, and stars in some of the best action movies like The Fighter and the just released Contraband, but also this father of four states the most important role in his life is being a parent and a husband (close second for Invincible?).

Hell the only things he has done wrong lately is to spout off that he could have stopped terrorists on 9/11 (which honestly he does kick a lot of ass so I will give that a 50-50 of being true) and making The Lovely Bones.

I will say it doesn't hurt that his wife, Rhea Durham, is a smoking hot ex-model who has done the Victoria's Secret show among other things. Yup, kudos to you Mark Wahlberg. You have indeed grown up and are quite the role model for us all these days.