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Maria Menounos is one of our Hot Ladies of the Week

I think I'm in love. It started when she made that cute prop bet about wearing a Giants swimsuit at Times Square if the Patriots lost the Super Bowl. First it is awesome that she is that big of a sports fan to bet on the game that way. Second it is awesome that she chooses wearing a swimsuit as her primary prop bet prize.

We decided to include a few pictures from the event as Maria is a girl of her word (as well as one of our hot ladies) and stripped it down for all to see. By the way, daaaaaammmmmmnnnnn! Of course one photo is never enough so everyone added their own personal favorite to the mix.

What is not to love about Maria? She has worked with Extra, Today, and Hollywood Reporter being the fun, cute girl who does remote interviews. She is also a pretty big sports fan. Did we mention she is hot? But not hot in a supermodel way but more hot in the, "Oh that is my sister's friend, Maria. Damn she's hot!"

Fun facts: She has wrestled twice in the WWE and won both times, she has played in celebrity softball, she is a die hard 'anyone from Boston' fan, and has been voted one of the top 5 girls that guys want to marry. My favorite is in 2010 when she won MadTV's Smokin Hot TV Personality Award!

So today we here at Manwall proudly salute you Maria Menounos as one of our hot ladies of the week. Because of you and your willingness to strip down to a bikini for the love of sports, showing us some tight abs and a damn nice figure, our day is just that much brighter. Heck, I might even watch some of Extra just to see a little extra of you from now on.