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Man of the Week - Kelsey Grammer

It's not often that someone named Kelsey gets a 'Man of the..' anything award. But our boy Frasier wins the award this week because he did something he had never done before - got a tattoo.

Okay, a tattoo isn't an Earth-shaking thing really. But, what he decided to tattoo least for him.

He tattooed the name of his wife, Kayte, on his hip. Booyah! Now that is what we call commitment baby! When a guy is serious about his gal he proves it by leaving a permanent mark of his love just above his penis.

Sure, the guy has been married 4 times now. So what that she is pregnant with twins which will raise his offspring total to 6 (props for the half-dozen). These two lovebirds have been married for 14 months so what a better way to remember that then with a $60 tattoo.

Apparently Kelsey told the tattoo artist, James Eastwood, that he wanted "something small because it was his first one." Ironically that was the same thing Kayte told Kelsey on their wedding night.

Well hopefully 4 is the magic number for Kelsey. His wife is young, blonde, and perky (at least before the twins arrive). For those who don't keep track at home, Kelsey was married to a dance instructor, a stripper, and a Playmate. Kayte was a British flight attendant (insert mile-high jokes here).

If things don't work out, at least tattoos are pretty easy to remove these days; you can get rid of them almost as fast as you can file for divorce!