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Make Your Own McDonald's Fries


Okay this is completely uncharted territory for Manwall, an actual cooking article. This is just not the type of thing you are going to see here very often. There needs to be a special reason for us to actually waste precious space that we could be using for looking at hot girls or reading about sports.

But this is no ordinary recipe.

McDonald's fries have long been known as almost the perfect fry. They always taste the same; so crispy and crunchy with just the right flavor. Some people have even been known to buy a burger somewhere else and then make us drive by McDonald's just to grab a large order of those delicious fried potatoes (yes Ted, I am talking about you).

But no more!

Now we have the capability to make our own fries at home! This rare recipe is actually from David Meyers (recipe for 'pommes frites') who is quite the fry fanatic. With BBQ season just about to kick off we figured what a perfect complement to some grilled burgers and beer. So without further adieu...

Perfect Fry Recipe

·       6 Idaho (no u-da-ho) Russet Potatoes

·       Peanut Oil

·       Sea Salt

Cook the fries ahead of time then put them in the fridge. The last step is to finish cooking them in hot oil before serving.

Peel and square off the potato ends before cutting them into 3/8 inch rectangles. Soak them for an hour in water, change the water, and soak for another hour. Pop them out of the water and dry them off with paper towels. Pour an inch of the peanut oil into a big thick pan (preferably with higher sides so the oil doesn't get all over the damn place). Crank up the heat to 290 degrees. After the oil heats up dump the taters in making sure they are flat and covered by the oil. You cook them for 2 minutes (approx) and they are still pale. Use a pan lined with tin-foil and then paper towels on top and place the fries on top. They can cool down in the fridge and the pan is easily cleaned up (man-style).

Keep that pan full of oil for when you are ready to cook. Crank that stuff up to 370 degrees. When the oil is hot plunge them taters in and let them cook 3 to 4 minutes until they are golden and crispy! Use tongs or a spatula so they don't stick. You can remove and put on another tray with paper towels and then sprinkle the sea salt on top for taste before serving while nice and warm.

Present these crunchy sticks with a few awesome BBQ burgers and some beer and watch as everyone bows down to your mastery of the culinary arts. This concludes Manwall's "Cooking Like a Boss" lesson for the day.