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Loving the Kanye West Twitter Rant

Oh Kanye, I simply cannot get enough of you. If you don't currently follow Kanye West on Twitter, you really should. Easily that should be the number two feed you subscribe to (right behind Manwall naturally). Is it because Kanye is such a great musical talent? Maybe it is due to his powerful and thought provoking tweets that are filled with inspiration and hope? Or maybe it is because some days he seems crazy as a loon and is hilarious as hell to read.

Case-in-point, on Wednesday night the Kanye West twitter rant took off! He decided to start tweeting at night about everything he plans to do. Not just music anymore, Kanye West is a new clothing line as well as a company that he stated will, "pick up where Steve Jobs left off". Yes this man is going to be the end-all-be-all designer of life for us poor souls who can only bask in his glory.

You would think by now he would have at least condensed himself to a single name like Prince, Oprah, or Madonna with an ego like that.

Besides his massive company that will feature over 22 divisions, Kanye West's twitter rant included how he wants to design the VMA's as well as reshape the American school system. Quick, someone get this man a Nobel Prize or some sort of visionary humanitarian award! Or at least have him release a statement instead of 57 odd tweets that seemed like he was bragging to an ex-girlfriend about what she was going to miss without him around.

Who knew Kanye was so inspired and also a pure genius on so many levels that he would be able to do so much to redefine out cultural in almost every way imaginable? What could he have accomplished had he only turned the spotlight of his giant ego...I mean brain to more important matters sooner?

But we at Manwall aren't bashing Kanye (well not exactly). He is a good businessman, a great musician, and does a lot of good work supporting fundraisers as well as raising money for his own foundation. But we are saying the man is an underappreciated comic. While it is doubtful we will see him on the stand-up circuit anytime soon, the epic Kayne West Twitter rant concert series can happen at any given time so tune in and don't miss out!