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Looking Back at Bo Derek

With a recent appearance on CSI Miami (god how I hate that show), I decided that some of our younger audience might not understand what all the hub-bub is about regarding Bo. Quite honestly she has been out of the spotlight for quite some time and the younger men might not realize or appreciate what she used to do for all of us.

Never fear, Manwall is here! Simply speaking, for a while Bo Derek was the hottest chick on the planet all stemming from one simple movie role in '10' starring as the sexy woman who befuddles Dudley Moore. She was also in Bolero which was originally rated X before being changed to R. She was still smoking hot at age 40 in Tommy Boy.

She was on posters, she was in Playboy, and she was quite simply one of the best sex symbols of the 1980's and personally made my adolescence just a whole lot better. Some nights it is impossible to get the image of her riding a horse bareback while she was completely bareback.

So enjoy our Manwall Tribute to Bo Derek as we relive some of her classic moments.