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Linsanity - The new Tebowmania?



For those who don't follow basketball or haven't watched SportsCenter, you might not understand what this crazy Linsanity is all about. Jeremy Lin was a complete afterthought on a depleted New York Knicks team headed for basketball oblivion and a sure Coach firing; he is playing like the second coming of Steve Nash. That's right, I said Steve Nash.

The quickness, court vision, change of direction, and ability to get to the lane are exactly like Steve Nash. They go perfectly with his "passed over" due to various things; in this case it is because Lin is Asian American. His outside shooting is suspect, as Nash's once was, but he has obvious talent as well as drive and fire in his belly. The one major difference between the two is that Lin can actually get up to the rim.

So now he is HUGE in Asia, selling jersey's left and right, and the biggest thing in the Big Apple since Jeter got 3000 hits. Of course, you know you have made it big time when people start comparing you to Tebow. So is Lin bigger than Tebow? No, not yet. But New York is a big market and with his Asian draw (which crushes the evangelist Christian draw of Tebow), if Jeremy can keep this up he will easily be bigger than Tebow. He already has much better nicknames.

Awesome Nicknames:

·       Lin-fuego

·       Linsational

·       Linderella

·       Linsanity

·       The Big Linowski

·       Linspiration

·       Super Lintendo

·       Linvincible

·       Linked-Lin

·       Just Lin Baby

·       The Linstigator

·       Mr. Lincredible

So right now he is the darling of the sports world (because there always has to be a darling or villain). With the NFL done and not much other than Manning to talk about, Win With Lin is a nice story. Honestly with all this news coverage I now know more about him than any of my cousins.

We don't really know how it will all end. The kid can obviously play the game and will now get a chance to shine (mainly because New York has nobody better to use at the point). Besides the added playing time the other big bonus for Lin is that Madison Square Garden Security finally recognizes him so he can get in the building.

No, he isn't just a math tutor. But he really knows what 'and one' means.