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Lindsay Lohan Gets Naked

In a bit of a weird turn of events this week Lindsay Lohan actually had a problem taking off her clothes. This comes as a bit of a surprise seeing as just last year the once talented actress (and I use that term very loosely these days) took it all off for Playboy.

So as the story goes, she is filming some particularly crappy looking flick titled 'Canyons' and she needed to go topless for a scene with her porn-star co-star. Yeah, that’s right. That should tell you this is a serious film. When you cast a porn-star as the male lead it makes you think that this film has Oscar nominations written all over it.

But anyway, apparently Lohan was feeling self conscious about unleashing the puppies before the assembled crew. So before they could get a peek at her flesh puppets she asked that they all strip down to their underwear. I guess that gave her the chance to go on boner patrol for anyone acting unprofessional?

The crew complied and everyone was happy. In fact things are going so well the director is praising her publically for her work! It must be nice for Lindsay who used to once actually work on real movies with actual famous co-stars. But now she is stuck doing any junk film or even TV movies for Lifetime (which is where all the 90210 girls ended up).

The biggest piece of this story has to be young James Deen landing a big fat roll as the male lead in this film. Obviously he got his big break because of his experience in front of the camera. All joking aside the dude is 26 and has already been in over 1300 snuff films and directed another 11. Apparently he has been raking in over $20k per month while having to bang women all day. I think this guy is starting to become my idol!

James has a blog I checked out and then realized he should be on the Manwall Hall of Fame. Apparently he had a week off from filming his movie with Lohan so he called everyone he knew to let them know he was available to shoot some porn. The lucky stiff quickly found himself banging Aiden Starr and followed it up with a Chinese chicken salad. Here is what he said about the day, "we rarely get a chance to bang so for me this was an exciting day.    we had some sex.  i played with her boobs.  we both had orgasms.  it was rad."

This guy's blog is pretty funny and can be found at Does anyone else think that it is funny that a story that started about Lindsay Lohan getting naked has morphed into hero worship of the porn star who was in bed next to her? How far do you have to fall on the hotness scale for that to happen? I guess I just don't find her very attractive anymore. On a side note - nice work by James Deen. He is a shining example of how to make it in the film industry. When you get a week off you don't just get hammered and go clubbing, instead you line up a gig and get some work in. Added bonus for him is that it involves plowing a pretty hot porn starlet.