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Leonardo DiCaprio only dates hot girls

When the word 'player' is tossed around about who is hooking up with whom you always get the notable guys on the list that make lots of headlines with their model girlfriends or hot actress ladies. But who is the king of them all? Quietly, without hardly any fanfare, it is hands down Leonardo DiCaprio as the guy who dates the hottest of the hot girls.

2011 has been a busy year for Leo with the release of J. Edgar Hoover as well as coming off the mind benders of Inception and Shutter Island in 2010. With a busy production schedule during the year for The Great Gatsby and other possible roles in the works you imagine Leo would be all work and no play. Not so. DiCaprio has done very well to stay out of the public eye, have a life outside of movies, and also a bevy of arm candy to keep him company.

This week he is dating Erin Heatherton who is just your run of the mill Victoria Secret model. She is obviously a rebound from Romanian model, Madalina Diana Ghenea, who he was linked to just a few months ago. But Madalina was just one of the many hot girls that Leo went through in 2011 including Kendal Schuler, Alyce Crawford, and Blake Lively. Personally we can't fault his taste in women as every single one is a 10, but at the same time how do you let Blake Lively go?

She was probably his first rebound after breaking up with his longtime girl Bar Refaeli, who is Israeli model and actress. Obviously Leo has a type out of all the hot girls available to him. He seems to like his ladies tall, with long hair, and very long legs. He doesn't seem to be much of a breast man but does enjoy that standard model shape. Usually he goes blonde, but now and then he will mix in a brunette for a little spice.  Before his long relationship with Bar Refaeli, only marred by a slight hiccup in 2009 with Anne Vyalitsyna, Leo was playing catch with Gisele Bundchen (Mrs. Tom Brady).

Before the turn of the century Leo was a much busier boy. With all of the movies and accolades who can blame a guy for mixing in a bevy of hot girls? Over a 5 year span he was with Claire Danes, Kristen Zang, Linnea Dietrichson, Helena Christensen, Liv Tyler, Amber Valletta, Carla Pankea, Eva Herzigova, and Kidada Jones. That is almost two ladies a year.

Someone should take the time to bottle the sweat from this man because with what he has going on it is obvious his pheromones attract hot girls like white on rice. Yes it is a funny analogy considering that Leo does not have a single hot Asian girl on his plate. So for all the press guys like Derek Jeter, Justin Timberlake, A-Rod, and the rest get for their ability to nab the hot girls; they all pale in comparison to Leonardo DiCaprio. Hail to the king baby.