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Labor Day Weekend: Summer's Last Hurrah!

Labor Day weekend is almost here so it’s time to party hard one last time before the summer is unofficially over. Like me, you might be thinking; why the f*ck did this summer go by so fast? Well I’ve been saying that to myself every summer since I was a little kid and I’m sure I’m not the only one.

Summer doesn’t officially end til’ late September but there’s already a difference in the atmosphere that bros have been noticing; the weather changing for the worse, girls with more clothes on (seriously not cool) and everyone mentioning ‘back to school’, fall fashion and more stupid shit to do with summer ending. The end of August is definitely a Debbie Downer. With all of this depression creeping around us, you need to make sure your mood is not affected for Labor Day weekend AKA The Last Hurrah!

If you need some help getting ready for the weekend. Here’s your answer:


It’s time to party like it’s Memorial Day weekend again. Think of Labor Day weekend like it’s the last weekend of your life. Too much? Maybe refer to it as the last FUN weekend of your life.

Don’t know what to do? No worries…

Go on a road trip. Almost everyone has a friend that has a lake house or something similar. If that’s not your thing, go somewhere that will definitely be a good time. Visit a friend in college or if you already graduated, re-visit your school with some old roommates. Aluni are always encouraged to partake in some Labor Day weekend college parties! If that’s also not your thing, take a ‘spur of the moment’ weekend getaway to a major city closest to you. If you really want to have a wild road trip head in the opposite direction and go camping. Bring a couple tents and some sleeping bags and find a place to camp. Camping never gets old and this is the perfect time to do it!

Don’t feel like traveling? Take the bull by the horns and host a kick ass “Goodbye to Summer” party. Always name your Labor Day weekend party something like this to hype people up! Start your party during the day, light up the grill, get a few kegs and an ice luge, play loud music and definitely don’t tell people the party has an ending time – that’s no fun. If you start the party on Saturday see if you can rage until Monday. That’s success.

Don’t feel like hosting a party? There are plenty of other things to do on Labor Day weekend. Take advantage of the weather by going to the beach and some local outdoor bars (if you have them) with live bands or a DJ. If you’ve already done this all summer, do some research and find a fun outdoor concert or music festival to go to. Make sure it’s one with upbeat music and plenty of dancing!

If these suggestions don’t appeal to you then there’s a good chance you’re not a bro. Labor Day weekend is about partying your ass off, wearing the shit out of white clothes and making good stories to top off your summer the right way!