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Kick-Ass Funny Videos of the Week

We do this every dang week and I am running out of ways to say this. The crack staff at Manwall literally spends more hours watching crappy videos on the internet than you spend taking a crap, masturbating, and thinking about taking craps and masturbating combined. But, the end result is worth it; funny videos of the week.

This week's offerings range from Seinfeld to Nash with Cookie Monster stopping by. Fair warning, we do have another Call Me Maybe parody but it is a funny video. That song is destined to be the next Rick Roll at this rate.  


We start with a man having a conversation with his past self. It is very well done:


Tom Brady found his funny bone recently. I guess when it isn't up inside Gisele he likes to make jokes:


Finally an honest assessment of the game (NSFW) by an announcer:

Call Me more damn time...but with Cookie Monster:


Steve Nash rules! He apparently likes to make short films too:

Seinfeld has a weird premise but it could be funny:


Thank you for stopping by the funny videos of the week entry for this week. Make sure to tip your server, drive safe, and God bless. We will be here all week.