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Kent State's Football Follies

It doesn't matter how many times I watch the video; every time I think to myself, "These guys are idiots!" A quick recap for those who haven't heard this story all over the place: Kent State was punting to Towson in a college football game. They were trying to pin them by the goal line. A special teams player (very special) game flying down the wing, saw the ball get touched by an offensive player, and grabbed it.

Good so far, in fact quite the textbook play that he, his coach, his mom, and his girlfriend can be proud of. But then, instead of running the 7 yards into the end zone, he proceeds to book it for the other end zone.

You sir, are an idiot! Forget the, 'heat of the moment' arguments. At some point he should have though, "Why I am running for so long, we kicked it towards the end zone?"

The other players naturally are trying to tackle him because he has the ball and that is what football players are taught to do; it is like a bull and seeing red. Apparently being on special teams means you really don't have to pay much attention in meetings or just to the general rules of the game. He was going the wrong way, why are you trying to tackle him?

Take a peek:


Andre Parker (the guy running the wrong way) is in his second year at Kent State and played all 12 games as a freshman, mostly on special teams. In high school he was the Virginia Prep League Player of the Year and the All-Central Virginia Defensive Player of the Year. He led his high school team to a state title and also lettered in track and basketball.

What? You can't even make that kind of mistake on Madden, the game doesn't comprehend the logic of running the wrong way and just won't let you.

How the hell could this dude, who has obviously been playing so long at a high level completely miffed it? I totally get being turned around for 5 or maybe 10 yards...but 58 yards? Seriously? Usually I try and make fun of things that I see, crack some jokes, and say things to amuse the readers but with this video I am truly flabbergasted.

In fact, I am starting to feel kinda bad for this kid; it's like when you see the kids in the sandbox eating mud pies and crying but they keep eating the pies even though it tastes horrible. At first you laugh then you just feel bad for doing it and sad about the whole situation. Hopefully poor Andre Parker can get past this or in the very least maybe next time he can shed those last two tacklers and get to the end zone.