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Katrina Bowden is our Hot Girl of the Week

Who is Katrina Bowden? For those who don't watch 30 Rock, you might be unfamiliar with her. But she just nabbed the cover of the most recent issue of Maxim and is also in the upcoming American Reunion movie (American Pie 3). This hot girl is also smokin' in the looks department so you should at least get to know her curves.

But here at Manwall we are about more than just T&A. Okay, not much more...but in this case we will make sure to put out a little more information. We are digging Katrina for her cute-next-door looks and amazing smile. She is a Jersey girl who has had a few movie roles in forgettable flicks like Tucker and Dale vs Evil, The Shortcut, and Ratko: The Dictator's Son. We get it; a girl's gotta eat. But we really did enjoy her role as Ms. Tasty in Sex Drive!

Esquire tossed her into the mix for their 'Sexiest Woman Alive' award from the In My Place series, and honestly for a hot girl like this, we have no problems with her winning that award.

So here is to you Katrina Bowden. You get another glamorous award in being named a Hot Girl of the Week at Manwall (the trophy will be mailed after you call and give us your address). Enjoy the slideshow!