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Katie Holmes: MILF on the Rebound

Show of hands, who was as overjoyed as I was that Katie Holmes filed for divorce from Tom Cruise? I know divorce sucks and all that from personal experience, but seriously who didn't know this day would come? Being a big Katie fan (call me maybe?) of course I was overjoyed to hear that she filled for a quick train to splitsville for one and a half.

Many people assume they stuck with it for so long because of Suri. Heck, more than likely they got married because of her as well seeing as Katie was pregnant a few months after they started dating.

Earth to Tom (or whatever planet you want to claim), wear a jacket or just whack it.

Was it the age difference? The Scientology? The fact that he kept leaving her alone for giant amounts of time to go film movies? Reportedly (by whom?) the split is because of the Scientology stuff and what it might do to Suri. But me, I think Katie just decided if she was going to be alone all the time she might as well make it official.

Petty sneaky by that girl, taking the time to rent a new pad while Maverick was in Iceland. Then she dropped the hammer and filed for divorce in New York and went all out with a petition for full custody. Tommy will probably go file in California after he gets done with some filming so he can aim for split custody. Whatever. It wasn't meant to be. You just can't easily get past that 17 year age difference. I know Tom Cruise keeps himself in shape but sheesh, Katie Holmes (who is 33) rolls over in the morning to her 50 year-old husband. The guy is already shorter than her and a bit whacko with the religion.

Some things Hollywood magic just can't handle. Oddly enough, the last two times Tom Cruise got divorced (good track record there) his wives were also 33. I would take the time to see if the number 33 is some big deal in Scientology, but I don't want "those people" to think I am inquiring after them.

Oh well. The most important thing here is that Katie Holmes is back on the market baby and she is a smoking hot MILF if I have ever seen one.