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Kate Upton does Carl's Jr.

Oh hell yeah! News just broke that Kate Upton is the new spokesperson for Hardees and Carl's Jr. restaurants. That can only mean one thing; Kate Upton will be doing one of those burger eating sexy videos we all love!

According to the interview by Fox News (wow Fox is really hitting the important stuff these days) little Kate Upton will be getting hot and bothered while eating a Southwest Patty Melt. Apparently they added jalapenos to spice it up. But after one bite Kate starts to get hot and needs to take off all of her clothes to create one of those 'strip down to your lingerie' sexy videos we all love. Intern Dave needed two hits from his inhaler after reading about that.

Sure we were going to watch the Super Bowl regardless of the possibility of seeing Kate Upton give us a strip tease, but now it makes a must DVR situation.

No, admittedly Kate can't maintain her uber sexy looks on a pure Carl's diet. She said she loves burgers but can only eat maybe one per week as a treat. Does this make us love her any less? Of course not. She is a spokesperson because she is smoking hot, not because she actually eats the food every day. Honestly, we don't want to see a woman who eats Carl's Jr. everyday strip down to lingerie.

Kudos to the ad people at Carl's Jr. for making more sexy videos featuring hot women going nuts over meat.  We loved the original one. The other videos with Paris Hilton, Audrina Patridge, Padma Lakshmi, Kim Kardashian and Oliva Munn were some nice sexy videos as well.

Does watching Kate Upton make me want to suddenly buy a burger? It does a little bit in the hopes that if my girlfriend takes a few bites she might get really warm and need to strip out of whatever she is wearing. The only flaw in that plan is she is a vegan. Can I get that without the patty please?