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K-Stew and Rupert crush Team Edward

Hollywood creates the most confusing relationships. Kristen Stewart and Rupert Sanders quickly proved that this last week. By now everyone has heard about the affair. Apparently sometime or another while working closely on the Snow White movie they both thought getting a little strange would be a good idea.

A young actress and an older director hooking up on a film; sounds pretty Hollywood to me. Of course Kristen Stewart already had the perfect little Hollywood story going as she is part of the massive Twilight Series and managed to bag the lead vampire as her boyfriend.

"We are so in love," she was fond of saying.

Apparently Hollywood love isn't exactly real love. In fact, it is more like 'proximity love' as in, "I love you when I am near you, but otherwise I am so hitting something else." It is also a great place for young girls to work out their daddy issues (she is 22 and he is 41).

Poor little Kristen Stewart. She quickly apologized to her boyfriend (as soon as pictures of her kissing Rupert Sanders came out) and professed her love for him. Naturally Robert Pattinson did what any man would do; he packed his bags up and moved the f*&k out! Really he has no reason to stay. The guy had girls lined up around the block for him already from his Twilight time. As soon as news broke that his girl cheated on him you could literally hear the sound of thousands of panties dropping as suddenly there was an eligible bachelor that is going to need some consoling.

I actually do feel a bit bad for Robert Pattinson. Apparently he was planning on proposing to his partner of the last three years. At least he can console himself in the fact that, "Nothing really happened," unless you consider spending intimate time with another man that included kissing, hugging, and making out (caught on film) nothing. Funny how people put such a premium on actually having sex as the only benchmark for cheating as everything they were doing shows a complete lack of respect for their own partners and usually that is a big part of a loving relationship.

Let's look at the other side of things with Rupert Sanders. Okay, sure he broke the Bro Code by going after another dude's girl. We have all seen it before. But it's not like his wife, model Liberty Ross, isn't a tasty piece of action. What kind of idiot cheats on a hot wife that he supposedly spent years pursing? Plus he has kids to think about. Hopefully she does the smart thing and dumps his dumb ass as well. It's not like a hot MILF model can't find someone.                 

She did take briefly to Instagram showing Snow White crying and drinking beers with the caption, "Not so pretty or pure afterall...." Nice!

So what did we learn? The lesson here is that K-Stew and The Rup are both morons. Neither one is hot enough to have it logically make sense to break up the good thing each one had going on.

What makes all of this so much more typical Hollywood is that all of these people still have to try and work together. Kristen Stewart and Rupert Sanders are both signed on for the Snow White sequel. While that might be manageable there is also the matter of the final Twilight movie coming out in November and having to do all that publicity work. this just all Hollywood reality? Do affairs and fake love just happen to help drive ticket sales and drum up interest in subjects that were quickly drowned out in a town filled with Superhero madness with Avengers, Spider-Man, and Batman taking over the summer?

Another thing that can be quickly learned from all of this; everything in Hollywood is fake including love. After all, when your primary job is being fake on camera how can you ever expect to really know what is real and what is just good script writing? The other thing we learned is that most of us don't really give a crap except for all those super crazy Twilight fans...but they were pretty off their nut to begin with.