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Justin Combs and His Haters


For those who haven't read the recent news rants, Justin Combs (son of Shawn 'P. Diddy' Combs) earned a football scholarship to play ball for UCLA. The scholarship was announced back in November but of course people who need a reason to bitch about things have no problem causing a stink months later.

Apparently they feel that since his dad is worth about $560 million, Justin should pass on his scholarship and the money should be used for underprivileged kids. But my question is can they tackle? All of these short-sighted columnists that are writing this crap have a very limited view of what athletic scholarships are for.

Universities use scholarship to bribe athletes to come to the school to in turn fill seats in a stadium which generates a lot of revenue with television deals and other perks. It has nothing to do with education. They gave Justin the scholarship to play cornerback for them and put fans in the seats. Heck his dad being famous just helps with free publicity.

So to all those haters out there, are you going to check every single athletic scholarship UCLA has given out and demand that if the parents have a net worth of over, let's say $50 million, that those students don't accept them? This isn't community college and just because dad has money shouldn't deter from the accomplishment of the child. Heck, if it was all about the money Justin could skip school and probably land a really high paying job in Los Angeles using some of his family connections.

For all the haters, at least take the time to understand the whole story before getting outraged. It's not like athletic money comes from anywhere else other than the sports budget. The kid still pulled a 3.75 GPA and was rated decently by as the 133rd best corner available coming out of high school. So let's give Little Diddy a break and focus on the more important things like that UCLA is probably still going to be a mediocre program next year at best.