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Justin Bieber Reaches 25 Million Twitter Users...And?

It is very rare that you will see anything Justin Bieber related on Manwall. The Biebs can sometimes be an annoying little twerp. Most guys have issue with him for that. Of course if we were shoved in his shoes would we be any different?

God I hope so! First of all, I'm not Canadian...

So the Biebster just hit 25 million Twitter followers. Awesome! No, really...can you feel the enthusiasm and lack of sarcasm from me? Twitter can be a useful medium for sharing thoughts and such with people in your circle. I get that. But why would 25 million people waste any of their lives following Bieber?

Here are a few recent tweets -

1.     Baby @.

2.     FBI (female body inspector) lol #theotherguys

3.     My favorite group right now is the lazy river band #LRB

4.     25 sittin on 25 mill #drakelyrics #motto

5.     yeah I got inside jokes with almost 25 Million people. Me and my beliebers...we got something special... #withDanKanter

Talk about boring with a capital B. Seriously why would 25 million people give a crap about this? I know a lot of the numbers are his nubile female fans, but that can't be all of them can it? Are there really that many girls out there wasting time reading his pointless tweets? Something even more ridiculous is that he is getting a new follower just about every other second. By the time you finish reading this he will have added another 30 followers. Scary, right?

Honestly this is one of the reasons why Twitter is never going to become something more useful. The most followed people on Twitter, for the most part, are celebrities of some sort or another. The only non celeb to crack the Top 10 list of followers is President Obama and he only ranks number 6. Hell, Twitter themselves is only number 16 on the list (that is just sad).

I get following YouTube, CNN, ESPN, or even crazy ass people like Charlie Sheen. But some of these other people are such a waste of space with their tweets. If you are an entertainer then entertain me damnit! Yeah we can't hear you sing over Twitter but you need to do something if this is one of the ways you want to interact with your fans. At least a girl like Paulina Gretzky shared what her fans wanted to see on Twitter (boy did she!). Comedians like Daniel Tosh get their humor out with Twitter.

Yeah I get that people like Gaga and Bieber are a new generation of "star" that use Twitter and YouTube to make their fans feel more connected. But are they? Getting to read a tweet from someone you are a fan from is like watching them on TV or at the movies; they aren't really talking to you, they are just talking. Getting to 25 million followers on Twitter seems like it should be important, but really it's not; unless mediocrity needs to be ranked.