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Jordan Retires His Chicago Mansion

Apparently commuting from Chicago to Charlotte for the Bobcats games was getting exhausting. Either that or MJ feels that the real estate market has turned around enough that he can finally unload his personal mansion n Highland Park. If you happen to have an extra $29,000,000 then its' yours!

Wow $29 million! For that you get a house with a number "23" on the gates. It has 9 bedrooms, 15 full bathrooms, and 4 half baths. Seriously, if you throw a party nobody will have to wait to use the facilities. Who the hell needs that many bathrooms? The property does have a huge basketball court so I will guess that bathroom count includes the Home and Visitor locker rooms MJ probably had put in. Plus there is a guest house and a pool area which each probably have a bathroom or two. Maybe he put a half bath near the tennis court as well. It's only polite.

The actual listing seems a little off since it states there is an 'Attached (1 Car)' garage. But the property actually has three climate-controlled multi-car garages because MJ had a bevy of toys he used to drive to work when he still wore a Bulls jersey. Obviously he wasn't just going to leave them outside.

Honestly I don't care much for MJ's taste. He apparently renovated the entire place so the style is all his doing. The place just feels cold like a hotel or a business park. It is all stark and angular. That couch and those chairs sure as hell don't look comfortable. Not a very relaxing pad and where is the man cave? The only sweet thing we see in the listing pictures is that incredible basketball court. Most Division II colleges don't have that sweet of a set-up to play on with high intensity lighting and perfect acoustics with a great sound system. I wonder if before he starts shooting the old Chicago Bulls intro starts playing...."Number 23, from North Carolina.....Michael..JOOOOORRRRRRRDAAANNN!"

Just for fun we opted to use the mortgage calculator to see what kind of payment per month buying a $29 million dollar house is. To start, property taxes are $165,300 per year. Seriously, that is how much the condo next door is selling for. Insurance is another $145,000 a year. Now in today's economy 20% is standard so the mortgage is only for $23 million (how ironic!) because we always keep an extra $6 million under the mattress to buy our childhood idol's house. So at 6.0% with taxes and insurance it is only $163,755 per month. Damn! Anyone wanna float me a few bucks? You can crash on the couch anytime you want, I swear!

Good thing the economy is recovering.